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Commercial Vehicle Wrecks

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Have you noticed all the company cars, taxis, delivery vans, hotel shuttles and tow trucks cruising along beside you on the interstates and city streets? Maybe you should.

Did you know that wrecks involving a commercial vehicle can tangle you in a myriad of legal issues not usually found in a common-place personal vehicle wreck? Figuring out who is responsible for compensating you after your vehicle is hit by a commercial vehicle can be very complicated – and that’s just the beginning.

You will likely want to blame the driver of the commercial vehicle. But, he or she may not be responsible for your compensation. Instead, you may need to consult the commercial vehicle driver’s employer or the company or business that owns the commercial vehicle to seek compensation. And that company may try to turn its back on their driver, leaving you in the middle of a tangled legal mess when you just want your medical bills paid and your car fixed.

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