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Denied Insurance Claim

Denied Insurance Claim

What is a Bad Faith Insurance Claim?

When you sign up for an insurance policy in Oklahoma for your home, car or even health insurance, you enter an agreement with an insurance company that it will pay certain benefits should an accident or disaster occur.

You faithfully pay your premiums on time every month, fully expecting that safety net to be there. But what do you do if the insurance company doesn’t live up to its end of the bargain? What recourse do you have?

Did You Know Bad Faith Insurance Claims Include …

  • When the insurance company forces you to unusually long delays in handling a claim
  • When there is inadequate investigation of a claim
  • When threats are made against an insured person
  • When the insurance company refuses to make a reasonable settlement offer
  • When the insurance company makes unreasonable interpretations of an insurance policy

At Vassar Law Firm, we hear stories every day about Oklahomans being denied the insurance benefits they signed up for. It might be from storm damage or hail damage to their home or car, or it might be a medical procedure that the insurance company suddenly considers to be “elective” or not needed.

In our office, Attorney Peter J. Ram is ready to help you with your bad faith insurance claim case. He understands Oklahoma law and can go into the courts for you.

Here’s Why Hurt Oklahomans Trust Vassar Law Firm:

  • You pay no money up front and nothing until we win your case for you.
  • We have 40 years of experience in the Oklahoma courts.
  • We will travel statewide to meet with you and listen to your story.
  • We have a proven record of big results for our clients.
  • We have a generations-long reputation for treating our clients with respect and dignity.

Do you want to know if you have a bad faith insurance claim case? Call us today at 800-522-9443 or fill out the Free Legal Consultation form on this page.

Your initial consultation with us is always free and you pay nothing until we win. What do you have to lose?