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Who We Help: Oklahoma’s Injured Workers

Donald Chambers needs a hearing aid now after working as an aircraft inspector for more than 25 years.

“I contacted Mr. Vassar after a friend recommended him, and I haven’t been disappointed.” – Donald R. Chambers

Letrice Holloway can no longer work with the elderly in a nursing home after hurting her wrist when she lifted a patient out of bed.

“My son’s godmother knew Mr. Vassar and said I should ask him to take my case. Now, I’ll be able to go back to school. He’s helped me get past this experience.” – Letrice Holloway

Chauncey BlueBack Jr. will likely change his career, too. After carrying too heavy of a load at his construction site, he hurt his back and cannot go back to the job he has had all his life.

“I miss my job, but I know Mr. Vassar will help me get into a new career. He’s been there for me.” – Chauncey BlueBack Jr.

Shelle Ellis has been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome after 14 years as a secretary at a dialysis clinic. She’s waiting to see if her employer will pay for the surgery she needs to keep working.

“I know Mr. Vassar has helped so many others; I wouldn’t have called anyone else to help me through this.” – Shelle Ellis

These Oklahoma workers were committed to their jobs; they took pride in what they did for a living. Now, we’re helping them get the help they need so they can return to the workforce. Every injured worker has a story. We want to hear yours. We want to listen to you. Tell us your story. We’ll come to you.

More testimonials from satisfied clients:

  • “I was in an accident and hurt really bad. I didn’t know what to do. Mr. Vassar got all the medical bills paid, my car fixed, and a check. I highly recommend him. He knows what to do.” — Elizabeth
  • “I will always refer all my friends to Mr. Vassar.” — Charles
  • “I used Mr. Vassar on two separate work-related injuries and received more than I ever thought I would.” — Jerry
  • “Mr. Vassar and his team have been standing by me for seven years. I don’t know what I would do without them.” — Lynn
  •  ”I really appreciate all you did for me on my case. I will refer you to anyone who may need your assistance.” — Carla
  • “My case was a hard one, but Mr. Vassar fought to the end and got me more than twice the amount that was offered to me by the other side. The other lawyers and even the judge showed great respect for Mr. Vassar.” — Pat